Nothing says summer like bright sunny skies and the smell of a BBQ. Summer is for all things outdoors whether that’s relaxing, exploring, eating, or partying. With so much time spent in the great outdoors, you may be wondering how technology can integrate into the season of fun. A wide variety of innovative, ingenious, and plain quirky cooling gadgets have been developed to help you beat the heat and stay chilled out in the face of soaring temperatures.

Cooling gadgets are part of the wearable tech revolution and promise consumers the ability to chill out while also performing another useful fashion or utility function. Some other gadgets are innovatively embedded into common summer products such as umbrellas, Cooling Scarf, and drink coolers. Some of these gadgets truly embrace summer by encouraging you to hang out in the sun while still promising to keep you cool while you do it. Human consumers aren’t the only beneficiaries of temperature-lowering cooling gadgets, however, there is also a growing market for gadgets targeted towards pets, who also feel the heat just like the rest of us.

Evaporative cooling systems have been around for a while, and are a decent alternative to air conditioning simply because they don’t need any special installation or pipes to get rid of the heat. The downside is that they only make a small dent in the temperature. The Evapolar evaLight is the most effective evaporative cooling system used, managing to take the temperature down by as much as 6C even in the humid heat of a very sweaty London. That meant it was outputting air at around 23C in 28C heat, which doesn’t sound all that cool, but was enough to take the edge off and stop me sweating. It’s a small personal device that has to be relatively near to be able to feel it, but at lower levels, it’s quite quiet. It’ll work using any 2A USB power adapter. It takes around 750ml of water at a time and lasts around four to five hours before needing a top-up. Careful trying to carry it with water in it though, as the tank is not sealed and spills out of the top pretty easily.

Evaporative cooling is not limited to a desktop fan, but can also be effectively built into clothing. Using nothing more than the power of water, the jacket keeps you cool even in the hottest of days. It works as you expect. Soak the vest in water and the special fabric works like a sponge. The vest from inside is waterproof to keep you dry, while air passing over the jacket causes the water to slowly evaporate cooling the surface of the jacket and you within it. Also, it needs airflow to work, which means it’s not quite as effective on a stuffy train, but it’s still cooler than not wearing one. While it’s brilliant for running, there are a few downsides if you strapped one on for your commute. You look a little foolish in what’s essentially a tank top, and the water-filled patches on the outside of the jacket will soak anything that comes into contact with them. On the hottest commutes, though, it’s worth wearing to not be a sweaty mess, and there are a variety of different vests and jackets by Techniche Co. using the same system, including ones designed for cycling and general-purpose jackets.

Featuring dual fans that can be articulated in almost any way, it’ll blast a breeze toward your face at three adjustable speeds. And for those looking to possess a pleasant smell to accompany the breeze, there’s a built-in aroma box to feature the fragrance of your liking. Battery-powered and charged via a Micro USB port, you can carry theFecPecu Hand Free Fan anywhere. This is a handy gizmo to have in the middle of summer – if you’re working out in the yard, etc. to beat the heat and humidity. Be ready to sweat a little behind the neck since the neckband is somewhat thick. The fans are easy to position. You could use it with an evaporative cloth (like frog togg chilly towel) for extra cooling. Works just fine on the lowest setting and noise is tolerable.

This fan is a lifesaver in the summer heat. A intensify from the attachable fan for smartphones, the various handheld misting fans on Amazon offer even more relief because they spray a mist while blowing air. They’re also battery-powered for easy operation and can be charged via USB. This particular model also has features to change colors, allowing you to cycle through LEDs embedded in the fan. The fan not only will blow cool breeze with mist, but it will make you look cool while in use.

Fans are great, but there’s no comparison to an air conditioner. A portable and compact AC unit that’s USB-powered. Not only is this cube-sized contraption a cooling fan, but it also acts as both a humidifier and an air purifier. If that wasn’t enough, it even has a color-changing LED feature that can adapt to your mood. The premise is rather interesting with this personal model, too. To blast air that’s cooler than your ordinary fan, you are required to fill it up with water and ice, which makes sense. From there, it delivers an uninterrupted wave of chill air perfect for hot summer days.

For continuous hydration and a refreshing mist, the Arctic Squeeze water bottle is a great gadget for any hike or beach trip. It has a double-insulated wall to keep water cold as long as possible, as well as a misting trigger to deliver a cooling cloud of water to your face or body. The bottle itself is durable, easy to grip, and won’t form condensation, and reviewers say it’s an awesome and portable way to stay cool and hydrated all summer long.

In addition to being reusable and compact, the FroggToggs cooling towel needs only to be run underwater for a minute, and its tech-savvy material prompts near-freezing evaporation for hours keeping you refresh and cool. You can wear it around your neck or use it to wipe sweat, and because it comes in an easy traveling tube to keeps it cool until use, you can carry it anywhere with you. It’s easy to keep clean because it’s durable and machine-washable, and users say they’re astounded by how cold this thing gets.

The traditional air conditioner may be a serious power hog. They work, sure, but your electricity bill suffers for it. The manufacturers of theGeizeer cooler are aiming to upend that paradigm, with a private AC that costs just a penny a day to operate. It uses a separate ice pack that you simply confine your freezer, and when you’re ready to use it you open the box and put it in. The internal fan distributes the cold air slowly and steadily during a localized area. It won’t replace your clunky old wall unit, but it’s great for a desk or small room.

The bowl works quite well to keep dips cold. You will particularly like the stainless steel top, it looks much nicer than if it were all plastic, and the material is dishwasher-safe. The bottom part is made of acrylic. It is used for the ice cubes (although one can use it as a standalone serving dish, too). The acrylic is of good quality and hefty and has a subtly “ridged” décor further enhancing its visual appeal. This gives a nice look at any buffet table, from casual to formal. There is a plastic lid that can be used to cover the stainless bowl, particularly we may use it while preparing a dish ahead of time and it must be stored in the refrigerator until served. All in all, a very well-thought-out product that solves a common party problem with style.

People that seem to always be hot, this fan has been a lifesaver. It keeps the users’ face and neck very cool and feeling refreshed. It is super easy to use and charges quickly. It also holds a charge for quite a long time. This is highly recommended to anyone who just needs a fan do use while exercising or doing basic things. The Battery life of a fan is Long-lasting, all the way with the wind. Built-in two 1800mAh lithium polymer batteries, charging for 1.8 hours can last for 4-8 hours, no matter whether you are on the way to work or shopping, it is enough to bring you all the way.

If you want to supplement your road trips or picnic fun with well-preserved edibles, the portable Coolulimini fridge is a perfect choice. The 11″ x 7-1/4″ x 10” fridge well suits the back seat of your car. Switching to the cooling and the warming functions in the fridge is quite fast. You don’t need to do much that just flipping the switch to cool or warm your drinks and food. In your car, you can source the fridge’s power from the Cigarette lighter DC adapter. Seeking the outlets with these sizes is quite effortless. Apart from cars, the fridge can also be used in boats and outdoor camping. Regarding the traveling conditions, the fridge is made with high quality and sturdy polypropylene (PP) plastic. Also, it is lightweight hence easy to carry. The well-insulated refrigerator will keep your edibles cool and warm for an excellent deal of time. Electric cooling is very distinct from refrigeration and is 100% environmentally friendly as it does not use refrigerant chemicals.

The Icy Cools Ice Bandana is a frozen neckband cooling that you wrap around your head or neck to stay cool and comfortable, simply freeze and use. The Ice Bandana lasts for hours of refreshment and helps regulate your body temperature during work or play. The material is soft and the cold packs are similar to an ice pack, they get hard when frozen instead of being a gel, No dripping, No Water, Just freeze and enjoy the ice-cold cooling effects. 

Nothing hits the spot quite like acold coffee or a cold water bottle on a hot summer day, but half an hour in a boiling car turns your drink lukewarm in no time. These sleekly designed whiskey stones chill your drink faster and longer than regular ice-cubes, and if you’re having tea or coffee, they won’t dilute it, either. They’re made from naturally anti-bacterial stainless steel, and because they’re small and easy to freeze in their storage tray, they’re a convenient way to keep any beverage cold for hours. These stones are not ice cubes. They feel cold in your hand and the glass but the whiskey will not feel cold on your tongue. Instead, they cut the ‘burn’ you get from warm whiskey. Surprisingly this does bring out a lot of flavors that you may not have tasted before. 

Amazon is like a jungle where you can find just about everything under the sun ranging from the exotic, all the way to the ordinary. When it comes to tech gadgets, though, some of us may have that impulsive nature to spring ahead and buy without proper thought. It’s made more poignant when you’re in desperation. The products above aren’t conventional, nor do they come to mind first when you’re thinking about stuff that can help you stay cool in hot summer days. If you’re daring enough to try something new, however, or just downright desperate, then check out some of the gear above that you can buy on Amazon right now.

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