Best wireless mouse for working from home that’s in stock


The Pandemic has forced us to sit us and WFH for long hours. We very well know how uncomfortable it is to use the touch pad or traditional mice for clicking and scrolling for long hours. But don’t worry, we have this thing covered for you. We’re going to check out the top 5 best budget Best wireless mouse in 2020. These pieces are so awesome that they are rated above 4.5 and reviewed by our thousands of users. Selecting one from this list will give you a complete break through the discomfort and wrist aches.

5.VicTsing MM057

Not every good thing in life must be expensive. And if you’re looking for a good old wireless mouse without splashing away serious money, you have to take a look at the amazing set of Wireless mice I have here. The cheapest one in this list is the VicTsing MM057 which costs less than a trip to your local fast-food chain. On top of that, this mouse can truly perform its Wireless duties. Thanks to the 2.4 gigahertz connection and 5 adjustable DPI settings. It has a good design that works excellently and also a reliable set of buttons. It may be the cheapest but it’s not the weakest. The VicTsing MM057 is a pretty basic, No-Frills wireless mouse, that’s pretty compact and isn’t coupled with tons of features. It has an asymmetrical shape on its 2 x 3.1 x 4 .5 inch body that weighs just 3.2 ounces in total making it appropriate for the majority of hand sizes. It has rubber grips on the sides in a teardrop shape and the overall shape of the mouse pushes you more into a claw grip rather than a palm one. The mouse comes in a variety of colors you can choose from and it’s really nice to see that you’re not limited to the Bare Bones Black Version. The device has the standard set of buttons like the left and right-click, the scroll wheel which is also clickable, the DPI button that changes its settings, and the back and forward buttons on the left side for easier browsing. To activate and use the mouse just take the receiver from its bottom and plug it into your PC and then insert one AAA Battery to the mouse to start using it. It’s as simple as that and you don’t require any software or drivers. It’s worth noting that the buttons are tested and are rated to withstand 5 million clicks. The 2.4 gigahertz connection coupled with the 321 chip, gives you an operation range of about 33 feet. It has a DPI range from 800 to 2400 and a scroll polling rate of 125 Hertz and 250 Hertz that allows it to get some nice control of your mouse. It may not be the most customizable, but at this price, it is more than welcome.

Grab it on Amazon for – $15.99.

4. Logitech M510

Another affordable Mouse in this list is the excellent Logitech M510, which is also the best pick for laptop users. Thanks to its Compact and excellent body. It also delivers great ergonomics that will be very useful for Comfort, lengthy battery life, programmable buttons, plug-and-play setup, and much more. The Logitech M510 has a symmetrical hourglass shape that’s very ergonomic and reduces hand fatigue. However, it’s not an ambidextrous Mouse. It’s designed for right-hand use since it has programmable thumb buttons on the Left Flank. Apart from that, you can also enjoy it for left-handed users. The device has a pretty aesthetically pleasing design that looks good on every desk and on the side of it you’ll find rubberized grips that provide an excellent grip for your hand. Despite its price, this mouse comes in a variety of paint jobs. You can choose from dark gray, dark blue, and red, which are all excellent and it’s just a matter of personal taste to select one. This mouse is the definition of Plug and Play because you just take the Nano receiver, connect it to your PC, and enjoy the clicking and scrolling. It also is worth mentioning that this device has a battery life of about two years before giving up and even after that an AA battery will get the job done. This mouse utilizes a laser Optical detection sensor instead of the red light motion sensor. So it works on a variety of surfaces even carpets, wood, and clothing. These features make this mouse the perfect one for Laptop users. The wireless performance was excellent as well delivering an uninterrupted connectivity throughout the use, even from a distance. It’s perfect for productivity purposes as it has the standard set of buttons plus the two thumb buttons that work for forward and back but can be reprogrammed to suit any function that you like. If you want a great and functional wireless mouse for your laptop, but won’t break the bank, this is your safest choice.

Grab it on Amazon for – $28.49.

3. HP Z3700

As everybody gets more style-conscious these days we opt for devices that are attractive as well as functional. And this doesn’t exclude wireless mice. For that purpose, HP has put out an ultra-attractive mouse that will turn some heads. The HP Z3700. However, they’re not just a pretty face as this mouse delivers, excellent functionality with its Optical sensor Wireless performance and long battery life. The biggest selling point of this mouse is its style. So it’s aesthetically pleasing with its low-profile and clean lines that look pretty futuristic and high-tech. It’s designed to go along with HP’s high-end laptops that portray similar Aesthetics such as the Specter. It’s very important to note that it comes in a variety of paint jobs, including the plain black modern gold, red sport, purple, and turbo silver – all pretty attractive. So you choose the one that goes best with your laptop and desk. The device measures 3.98 x 2.37 x 1.0 inches in total and weighs just 1.76 ounces. So it’ll fit right into your laptop backpack. In terms of buttons, the HP Z3700 does not have Rich options as it has just the right click, left click, and the scroll button. But it’s pretty good since this device is intended for travel, use, and portability making it an excellent choice for travel mice. The HP Z3700 has no initial setup and it’s a true Plug and Play device as you just put the Nano receiver into PC and it’s all done. No need for installing any drivers or anything similar. The HP Z3700 has 2.4 gigahertz wireless connection that performs excellently up to 33 feet of distance. It has low latency, and there’s no interruption. It’s equipped with a pretty capable Optical sensor that works on a variety of surfaces and as a DPI of 1200 meaning that it’s enough for productivity work. The AA battery on this mouse delivers a life of up to 60 months and it’s also worth noting that the mouse has some battery saving features that will help you in the long run.

Grab it on Amazon for – $13.72.

2. Anker Vertical

Anker is a brand that is rising steadily in the tech market because of its quality products delivering amazing value. The Anker Vertical is one of the bestselling products and it’s a vertical Mouse as its name implies. If it’s your first time using a vertical Mouse it’ll feel strange. However, after a while, you’ll see that the ergonomics and comfort package of this will be second to none. The Anker vertical is also one of the highest-rated mice on Amazon. It’s because of the Comfort levels, an amazing sensor, and a pretty affordable price. Like a true vertical Mouse, The anchor vertical is taller than your usual Mouse as it measures 3.98 x 3 .23 x 3.15 inches in total. It has a great shape that pushes you to the handshake position that may take some time to get used to but it’s the most comfortable grip for a mouse. This is the best for ergonomics because it puts minimal strain on your wrist as you’re not twisting it something that bothers a lot of people who are currently on WFH. Despite being very maneuverable this device weighs about 3.46 ounces and even though it has a really low price, it has a very quality build and it will last you for a long time. The mouse utilizes a pair of AA batteries to function which should be enough for about three months before needing a change, with an average use of about eight hours a day. Also because of its 2.4 gigahertz wireless connection, the device has a pretty good range. Users’ favorite feature about this device is its great Optical sensor that works perfectly on every surface and it has three DPI settings ranging from 800 to 1600 making this mouse very functional and practical. Speaking of its features, The Anker vertical has a great feature that turns it off in about eight minutes of inactivity. On top of that, you have the browser buttons, including the back and forward buttons that make browsing effortless. Users didn’t expect the high amounts of comfort and functionality that this mouse delivered. It surprised them and at a low price, you have nothing to lose.

Grab it on Amazon for – $25.99.

  1. Logitech G305

The Best Budget wireless mouse comes from Logitech with the G 305, which is a proper gaming mouse that can deliver high performance and functionality on top of its great comfort and ergonomics package. This mouse is very affordable to buy, very easy to use, has great Wireless connectivity, an amazing sensor, great battery life, beautiful design, and much more. You really can’t get better value in any other Mouse than the Logitech G 305. It’s a very well-designed Mouse that’s very comfortable to use with its good Ergonomics and deliver some nice style. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s very compact and small measuring about 4.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches in total. So you can opt for either grip style, claw, or Palm depending on your preference. It also weighs just 3.4 ounces in total making it one of the lightest in the market. In terms of buttons, it has the standard left-right and scroll wheel button and add to that – a dots per inch sensitivity button and two thumb buttons that are programmable. A very clean design with no RGB lights or any other thing that will distract you can fit comfortably into many settings. The Nano receiver is stored in the mouse itself and when you plug it in your PC, it will automatically start working. Right out of the box you have 4 DPI settings in the mouse itself. However, if you install the Logitech gaming software, you can customize the DPI and the buttons to suit your needs. The wireless connectivity is excellent and works from every corner of the room and the battery life is great as it lasts you about two months before giving up. The advanced 12,000 DBI hero Optical sensor delivered a very pleasing performance throughout great efficiency and accuracy. Its ultra-fast one millisecond response time makes it comfortable to use it for WFH and it’s truly one of the best wireless mice in the market delivering plenty of value for its price

Grab it on Amazon for – $49.99.


The market is flooded with thousands of mice, half of which are completely useless and even expensive. No doubt the order and rank may differ but this list was made based on their price, quality, durability, and much more. And this is the perfect list according to the research and reviews of over thousands of customers.

Hope you like it and Thanks for reading.