LCD writing tablets to unleash your kid’s creativity

If you are using paper or notebooks for taking notes or writing down your ideas then there is a better solution for you. LCD Writing tablets make everything easy and convenient for you. You can use them for both professional and personal needs. Also, they are environment-friendly because you can use these digital devices over and over. Most of them are lightweight so you can easily carry them around without much effort. 

LCD writing tablet’s smooth and large color displays enable you to unleash your creativity. Not only this, you can even utilize the MS office and some apps allow you to import handwritten notes to the tablet. Most importantly, LCD writing tablets are very affordable. Overall smart features and innovative design makes it a valuable investment. To help you get the best LCD writing tablet, we’ve rounded up some of the best products. 

Here are some of the LCD writing tablets

1.Richgv LCD Writing Tablets

These Richgav LCD writing tablets are made of reliable ABS materials and pressure-sensitive LCDs. And they are radiation and glare-free to protect your eyes. Also, it has an 8.5 inches screen, applying the newest flexible liquid crystal technology. Comes with brighter and clearer displays than most LCD writing tablets. Its pressure-sensitive LCS lets you draw thick and thin lines based on the pressure on your pen. You get the same feeling as using pen and paper. Along with this, these are ultra-thin and lightweight, just 0.3lbs. So you can carry it around and it fits easily into a purse or backpack. Also, its battery can last for 12 months, best suited for kids and designers.

2.Mafiti LCD Writing Tablet 8.5 Inch

These Mafiti LCD writing tablets are suitable for writing or drawing and it includes a plastic stylus. And these are easy to view and write. You can erase your writing content quickly with a simple press of the erasing button. Comes with a 1/8 inch thin ultra-lightweight design that makes it highly portable. So you can carry it anywhere without much effort. It lets you erase more than 100,000 times. And its battery can be replaced with new ones easily. Along with this, its built-in stylus dock allows convenient storage for the stylus when not in use.

3.Goodworld 8.5 inch LCD Mini Writing Pad Tablet 

GoodWorld LCD tablets come with an 8.5 inches HD screen and high-tech soft screen. Which provides enough space for writing and drawing. And equipped with pure pressure induction that allows for sensitive writing. You can also use your finger for writing effortlessly. Also equipped with a durable POM stylus pen made of POM material. Which makes these LCD writing tablets long durability in usage. You can keep your pen in the anti-lost slot design. Powered with a CR2020 battery and its low power consumption allows you to write for longer periods without worrying.

4.Cimetech LCD Writing Tablets

These Cimetech LCD writing tablets are perfect for writing, drawing, and note-taking. This colorful writing pad features LCD pressure-sensitive technology. Comes with no radiation and no glare to protect your eyes. So you can work for longer hours without damaging your eyes. Also, you can erase what you have written in one press, and come with a changeable battery. The size of 8.5 inches easily fits in a backpack without the mess of crayons, markers, or chalk. Its colorful display and built-in stylus make your kids entertained. 

5.Bonrich 8.5 inch Mini Writing Board LCD Writing Tablet 

It comes with a pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface that makes your writing or drawing appear without any delay. You can erase your entire image with the touch of a button and a friendly flash from the liquid crystal display. Best suitable for designers, businessmen, teachers, and others. These are very lightweight and ultra-slim. You can carry them around easily. Enables your kids to explore their creativity through writing, painting, and learning with fun. Comes with easily operated functionality and is equipped with a pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface.

6.Bravokids Toys 10 Inch Doodle Board

This LCD writing tablet comes with LCD pressure-sensitive technology and features a 10 inches LCD colorful screen. Which lets your kids have enough space to explore his/her creativity. And this tablet comes without radiation and no glare. So your kids can work on this for longer periods and it’s very safe and comfortable. Comes with different thickness of lines based on how hard you push with a stylus, nails, or any hard thing. Also, its clearing function lets empty entire screen content in one second by pressing the erase button. If you want to save the content then click on the lock key of the doodle board.

7.TECBOSS LCD Writing Tablet

These TECBOSS LCD writing tablets feature the newest flexible liquid crystal technology. Making it brighter and clearer than most LCD writing tablets. Comes with pressure-sensitive technology which lets you draw lines of different thicknesses through different pressure levels. Equipped with a magnetic drawing board. By pasting the tape on the back of the LCD board, it can hold on to any flat or curved magnetic surface without slipping or falling. And you can slide the lock button on the back of the tablet to prevent accidental clearing. Press the erase button to clean the screen.

8.Orsen Girls Toys Age 4-5 Colorful 10 inches

One of the perfect gifts for kids ages 4-5. It keeps your kids entertained, they can unleash their imagination. It enables them to play tic tac toe, hangman, practice letters, etc. The screen is 50% brighter than before, it provides a better painting and writing experience. And kids can create lines with a stylus or any hard objects. It features a 10-inch screen size and 0.23kg weight. This lightweight design allows your kids to carry it around, even 18 months old kids can carry it effortlessly.

9.SUNLU LCD Writing Tablet 8.5inch

These SUNLU LCD writing tablets feature the newest flexible liquid crystal technology. This means you get a brighter and clearer display than other tablets. With its pressure-sensitive technology, you can draw lines of different thicknesses through different pressure levels. It can also work as a great educational learning toy. You can use its repeated pad over and over again at least 20,0000 times. Comes with an eye protection colorful screen that provides a better painting experience. No blue light, no glare, so you don’t have to worry about kids’ eyes if they use it for a longer time.

10.JONZOO 15 inch LCD Writing Tablet

Its big 15-inch screen makes it best suited not only for writing and drawing but also for quick meetings/brief/presentation. And it uses the latest high sensitivity LCD panel, no radiation, no flickering so it reflects natural light. Also, It is completely harmless to the eyes and skin. You can write and draw directly on the LCD screen with the stylus or other proper objects even with your nails. Along with this, a simple press on the bottom button to clear all the mess from the screen. Equipped with a screen lock key to save all your works from accidental removal.


These are some of the best LCD writing tablets best suitable for both personal and professional use. Equipped with the latest high-sensitivity LCD panels makes them brighter and clearer. Most of them are also equipped with a lock function to save your work.