How Resistance Exercise Bands Keep You Fit?

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Most of the people feel like same and many of them know about the resistance exercise bands, but no one knows how to use it? Have you ever heard a putting pressure on resistance bands and stretching the body? If you use resistance bands as your primary strength training tool. It’s a minimal and one time expenditure for resistance bands and can use wherever you want.

What does Resistance Band consists?

Rather than tubes, its combination of four bands with each two. Among them two have high resistance levels that are more sturdy and longer-enduring than most tubes. The pack accompanies two froth secured handles, which can be cut onto the groups to give them comparable utility as a cylinder set, in addition to a flexible stay that you can utilize either in a doorjamb or circled around a fence shaft for preparing inside or out. The groups alone can be utilized for helped pull-ups or for adding protection from certain activities.

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The bands themselves appear to be well-made, with heavy-duty and reliable stitching.  On both ends with the estimated weight resistance, in pounds, that they’re intended to provide. Although those numbers don’t really mean much, the labels can help you quickly tell which band you’re handling.

What to Look for in a Resistance Band?

Resistance level: You’ll need to consider strain level when purchasing an resistance band. In case you’re new to working out, start with a lighter resistance level. Medium- resistance are regularly red and blue, and high-obstruction groups are frequently dark these might be progressively proper for experienced competitors.

Size: Many individuals don’t understand that the length of a resistance band is significant. To have enough length to keep up appropriate structure, you’ll need a resistance band that is inside a couple of creeps of your stature. In case you’re tall, try to locate a bigger band.

Style:  Style: Bands with handles on the closures are extraordinary for working your arms, while looped bands are useful when you’re practicing your hips and glutes.

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Types of Resistance Bands

Interchangeable tubes 

It can be put together and clasp to a handle or lower leg lash and be tied down to make a protected strain point for pulling or pushing. The tubes are empty inside, and may have fortifications outside or in to help shield the tubes from getting overstretched

Super bands

You can utilize them all alone or append them to a bar or shaft by circling one end around the bar and through the circle and pulling tight. A few organizations sell handles and stays independently, or as a major aspect of a set.

Mini bands 

They are level circles about a foot in distance across. They’re ordinarily utilized by looping around limbs, with the end goal that another piece of the body turns into the pressure point.

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Advantages of Resistance Bands

 Low cost workout

Resistance bands are low cost in addition to your home gym equipment. Some resistances bands are even are sold with a user guide.

Increases fitness levels

Resistance bands come in multiple resistance levels, usually light, medium or heavy. Adjust the amount of resistance during exercise. Even by combining multiple resistance bands to increase the fitness.

Plenty of Exercises

Resistance band exercises are often based on familiar strength-training moves.

Whole body workout

Many resistance band kits come with suggested body workouts for each muscle group in your body.

No gym needed

When you don’t have a lot of room for a home gym, resistance bands are a great option that store in very little space. You can hang them on a hook after you exercise, or coil them up to store in a box or drawer.


These bands are a great way to take your workout with you when you travel. There are many resistance band exercises that can easily be done in the small space of a hotel room.

Safest way for workouts

That makes them ideal for working out when you don’t have a personal trainer or exercise partner to spot you.

How much does a Resistance Band Costs?

A resistance band with the least resistance range costs somewhere in the range of $5 and $10. A band with medium resistance can cost the range of $10 and $20. The bands with a more high resistance level can cost around $40.

All band makers measure the resistance of each band gives in scope of pounds. These bands are best utilized for exercise practices that ought to get more enthusiastically or duty the muscles most toward the finish of the scope of movement.

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Resistance Band Exercise


Start in a forward lunge position, right leg in front, and place the middle of the band under your right foot. With palm facing away from your knee, curl the band up toward your shoulder, squeezing your biceps at the top. Slowly lower back down.


Stand with feet shoulder-width apart with feet placed over the middle of the band. Grab a handle in each hand, starting with your arms down at your sides. Pull your arms toward your shoulders by bending at the elbow until you get a good bicep contraction.


A forward lunge position with your right foot in front, positioned over the center of the band. Holding each end of the band, position your arms at your sides with palms facing behind you.

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