ExpiredXL Silly Putty Gift Set, 2 Count

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More Silly Putty, more fun! These 2 Extra Large Silly Putty Eggs (1 Original XL Silly Putty and 1 Super Bright XL Silly Putty) each have nearly 10 times the Putty as our original red egg. America’s favorite squishy, stretchy, bouncy putty toy has all the cool properties of Silly Putty—just more of it! Comes in a sleek tin egg and is the perfect gift for Silly Putty fans ages 4 and up! Give the Gift Set as a single gift or break apart for multiple gift ideas. Plus, let the Super Bright neon color be a surprise—the mystery color you’ll receive will be either Neon Pink, Orange, Blue, or Yellow.

XL Silly Putty Gift Set, 2 Count
XL Silly Putty Gift Set, 2 Count
$12.58 $13.98

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