ExpiredSMASHCRISPY Chocolate Dipped Homemade Vanilla, 48 Pack

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This is no ordinary crispy rice treat. This is SMASHCRISPY DIPPED. Crunchy, chewy, and ooey gooey then dipped in chocolatey goodness. This epic smash up is made from only the very best simple ingredients and packed with flavor for a tasty twist on a classic. A guilt-free, every-day, any time of day treat for your taste buds that’s just like you remember — only better.

We believe in transporting your taste buds – A fantastical flavor journey, sure to surprise and delight. Experience the classic combinations you know and love with a sweetly satisfying twist. Join our SNACKAPADE.

We believe in being true to your lifestyle – Living life in balance doesn’t have to be a juggling act. With simple and clean ingredients, smashingly delicious flavors, and convenient resealable packaging, you have permission to indulge. Go ahead, you’ve earned it.

We believe in creativity – Show your lunchbox some love. SMASHCRISPY DIPPED is the perfect treat to snack and pack, a naturally gluten free reinvention of the American classic.

Package Size: 6 treats

SMASHCRISPY Chocolate Dipped Homemade Vanilla, 48 Pack
SMASHCRISPY Chocolate Dipped Homemade Vanilla, 48 Pack
$27.99 $39.99

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