KRIB BLING Portable Washing Machine, 17.7 lbs Large Capacity Full Automatic Washing Machine, Compact Laundry Washer for Home Apartment, Coffee Gold

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Matters Needing Attention:

Special note: If you do not understand how to install the water inlet pipe or have any other issues after receiving the product, please contact the seller and we will be at your service.

1. Installation of water inlet pipe: We have detailed installation steps in our product video and product manual;

(1) At one end of the faucet adapter, a thicker washer should be placed inside, with the concave side of the washer facing the inlet pipe, and then connected to the inlet pipe and tightened; Attention: There are two washers inside the two ends of the water inlet pipe.

(2) L “shape pipe end connect to the washing machine;” Straight “pipe end connect to the faucet or adapter

2. Please remove the bottom foam before using the new machine! Plastic bracket is only kept the washing machine safe when shipment, the user can remove it or keep it. And follow the instructions to install the rat guard (included with the packaging)

3. The product is a fully automatic washing machine that integrates washing and dehydration. Simply connect the water pipe and open it, set the program and water level, close the washing machine cover, and wait for dozens of minutes to receive clean clothes.

4.Before purchasing, please check the following information about the size of the product’s power cord inlet and outlet pipes.

Color: Coffee Gold

Model: XQB201A-GOLD6

Inlet pipe length: 80cm/31.5 inch

Drain pipe leakage length: 65cm/25.6 inch; The inner diameter of the drainage pipe is 28.5mm.

Product size: 50 * 50.5 * 85.5cm/19.68 * 19.88 * 33.66 inch

Product weight: 19.66kg/43lb

Rat proof board: Yes

Inner barrel filter screen: Yes

Washing/dehydration capacity: 8.2L/17.7LBS

Inner barrel diameter: 38cm/14.96 inch

Drainage method: Upper drainage

Power cord length: 125cm/49.2 inch

Power: 310W

Full automatic washing machine: No need to manually add water

One click dehydration function: Yes

Dryer function: None

Castors: None

Please contact seller support

  • Full Automatic Washing Machine】Relieve yourself from manual washing with our portable laundry machine. You only need apartment washing machines to set the washing/spinning program, and then it can work alone. The portable washing machines have a drain pipe, allowing you to easily discharge dirty water, which small laundry machine makes our life simpler.
  • Multifunctional Control Panel】Compact washer machine is 10 programs, 8 water level selection and LED display on the control panel. All functions and operations, portable washer and dryer including water level/rotation, program/delay, time setting and child lock are listed. Portable clothes washing machines Cleaning and program selection also includes meeting your needs.
  • Large Wash Capacity & Compact Design】This automatic laundry washing machine is equipped with a stainless steel honeycomb-shaped inner tub, which can load 17.7 pounds at a time, and clothes laundry washer can wash many different types of clothes for you, completely freeing your hands. Portable clothes washing machines full size suitable for dorms, apartment washer, condos, camping and more.
  • Water Level and Mode Control】Portable clothes washing machines for apartment washer With 3 water level: L/16L M/23L H/30L. You could adjust the different washing mode through the wash push-button and control the water level via the switch. mini laundry machine. Different clothes have different washing and water level requirement. If you need to add water during washing, you can press water level/spin button and un-press will stop adding.
  • Easy to Operate】No installation and easy operation. portable washer machine. Intuitive illustrations and instructions can bring you a pleasant laundry experience. Clothes washing machines are 10 programs on the control panel, 8 water level selection and LED display. After setting the corresponding washing program, apartment washing machines the whole process of washing, drying and draining can be completed alone.
  • 10 Programs: Full automatic compact laundry washer machine supports Standard, Soft, Quick wash, Heavy duty, Soak wash, Wash only, Spin only, Tub clean, Tub air dry, and Water recycle. portable laundry machine
  • 1L to 8L 8 Water Levels: Adjustable according to the amount of clothes for less water waste. portable washing machines for apartment
  • Powerful and Cleaner: Max Spin Dry Speed Powerful motor supplies consistent energy to maker clothes cleaner
  • Speedy Mode for Less Time: Wash light dirty clothes in just 20 mins
  • Stainless Steel Drum: Smaller and denser drain holes reduce clothing wear, durable and resists rust for longer lifetime
  • Space Saving: Compact size fits well with small and medium-sized apartments
  • Safety Child Lock: Press “Water Level” and “Program” at the same time, alarms if top cover is opened
  • Washing machines for house: Save money at the laundromat, save you from washing baby clothes every day.
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KRIB BLING Portable Washing Machine, 17.7 lbs Large Capacity Full Automatic Washing Machine, Compact Laundry Washer for Home Apartment, Coffee Gold
KRIB BLING Portable Washing Machine, 17.7 lbs Large Capacity Full Automatic Washing Machine, Compact Laundry Washer for Home Apartment, Coffee Gold
$219.99 $399.99

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