Hungary Bees Acacia Honey 1oz.- 60 Jars

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Hungary Bees Acacia Honey 1 oz.

What makes Hungarian Acacia Honey so special? It is revered as the best tasting, most versatile and most healthful honey found anywhere in the world. Year after year, it is honored at international competitions as the world’s best tasting honey. Acacia Honey is a national treasure in Hungary. Only in Hungary can you find pristine forests of acacia trees whose white blossoms for a few short weeks each spring yield our unique light sweet honey.

Sourced deep within the acacia forests of Hungary, HUNGARY BEES Wild Acacia Honey is ORGANIC and absolutely GMO FREE.

HUNGARY BEES Wild Acacia Honey is RAW to retain all of its natural nutritional value and health benefits. There are no hive antibiotics or less expensive honey blends added, no added sugars or water… it’s so pure. Enjoy our healthy great tasting honey.

HUNGARY BEES Wild Acacia Honey is the finest honey available anywhere in the world.

“There are forests of Acacia trees in Hungary where their blossoms in springtime make the countryside look like it’s covered in snow. . . That’s where you’ll find us.”

Hungarian acacia honey has long been known throughout Europe as nature’s finest honey. Consistently a winner at international contests and industry expositions as the world’s best tasting honey, Hungarian acacia honey is unique. Ibolya founded Hungary Bees to source and introduce to the US the highest quality Hungarian acacia honey. Because of its outstanding quality and value, Hungary Bees Wild Acacia Honey is now a well-established, trusted brand name across California and will soon be available in the finest gourmet and health food markets across the nation.

In its place of origin, North America, acacia trees (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) grows sparsely on slopes covered with boulder stones, suppressed by other plants. In the seventeenth century, acacia trees were introduced to Hungary, where the hard wood was desired for construction, agricultural tools, wagons, wine barrels, etc. The trees flourished in Hungary due to its climate and soil conditions. Over the centuries, Hungary became covered with pure Acacia forests, which now make up more than one-fifth of all forests in Hungary. Acacia trees can be found in isolated areas throughout Europe, but forests of acacia trees are unique to Hungary.

The acacia trees blossom early in the Spring. For only four or five weeks, the acacia tree is a solid white sight to behold. Beekeepers move their hives from one forest to another, typically from the north to the south, as each year’s particular weather patterns determine the ideal honey yield. Deep within the acacia forests, hives are typically distant from agricultural areas and orchards where chemicals or fertilizers could affect the honey produced.

Acacia honey has a harmonic taste and the aroma of acacia blossoms. The pollen from acacia flowers is amazingly sweet and delicate. Its uniqueness can be truly revealed only by evidence of the senses. The white flowers create the lightest and clearest color of all honey varietals. Its color ranges from nearly colorless to light amber.

In fact, the lighter the color, the higher the acacia pollen content and the higher the purity of the product. It is a mild, not very acidic honey. Due to its high fructose content, it remains liquid for a long time.It has antiseptic and natural medicinal properties.

It is recommended to ease coughing and also for indigestion caused by hyperacidity. Its mild flavor makes it a popular sweetener used in drinks and desserts, for it does not mask the original food flavor . In addition to the very favorable climate, the continuous acacia forests, a very productive bee variety, a special apiarian technology and some other beneficial effects of the non-living environment create those distinctive features that ensure the quality of Hungarian acacia honey.

What makes Hungary Bees Wild Acacia Honey so special? Our honey is 100% harvested from the pristine acacia forests of Hungary, so first and foremost, it is wild, organic and GMO-free. Far from commercial orchards and farms, no honey from agricultural crops, flowers or fruits is included. An independently certified detailed chemical analysis verifies that each year’s harvest is pollution, chemical, antibiotic and fertilizer-free. Each year, we verify that our acacia pollen counts are the highest available. We carefully bottle our honey to certify it as raw, to retain all the nutritional value and health benefits of the beekeeper’s harvest. Never in plastic, our honey is sealed in glass jars at the source, our hygienic spotless facility in the heart of Hungary.

Hungary Bees Acacia Honey 1oz.- 60 Jars
Hungary Bees Acacia Honey 1oz.- 60 Jars
$89.99 $120.00