ExpiredContixo R3 Black Contixo Robot Dog (Your Choice Color)

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  • Robotic Smart Dog – The best of its kind, the R3 Electronic Pet for Kids uses toys of the past to introduce technology of the future. This toddler dog has voice recognition and touch sensors on the chin.
  • Perfect Gift for Kids – Entertain your children for hours with this one of a kind robotic smart toy. Contixo R3 Robot is your new best friend, making it the fun and loving pup you have always wanted for your home.
  • Voice Recognition – You can use your voice to tell your Smartpuppy do things like sing a song; stand at attention; sit down; handstand; lean over; say hello and push-ups.
  • High Quality Material -The dog is made of high-quality plastic with smooth surface, it will not hurt kid’s hands when play it.
  • Perfect Size – Not taking up any room around the house and with its light weight you can be sure that the R3 smart puppy won’t take up any space around your home making this even more convenient to store away while not in use.
Contixo R3 Black Contixo Robot Dog (Your Choice Color)
Contixo R3 Black Contixo Robot Dog (Your Choice Color)
$39.99 $79.99

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