Why You Must Experience POSITIVE VIBRATION XL ANC WIRELESS HEADPHONES At Least Once In Your Lifetime

If you are looking for high-quality wireless headphones, then you’ve come to the right place. House of Marley brings you one of the high-quality gadgets made from eco-friendly and durable materials. House of Marley Positive Vibration XL ANC wireless headphones features everything you expect from high-quality headphones.

These wireless headphones have attention to detail design that ensures maximum comfort and relaxation. Also, it provides the best realistic music experience possible. It features everything you need and want, from wireless headphones. For all those music lovers who want to take their audio experience to the next level, these wireless headphones can be an irreplaceable option.

It Filters out the noise and focuses on the music

The House of Marley wireless headphones feature Hybrid Active noise cancellation. It allows you to focus on what’s important and filters out unimportant noises. Hybrid Active Noise cancellation technology relies on microphones. It listens to the surrounding sounds of the wearer and then cancels them out effectively by developing inverted phase sound with the same amplitude. So when you play the music you hear high-quality sounds with no surrounding voices.

It allows you to better concentrate on music filtering out distractions effectively. Also, its design ensures a comfortable and perfect fit. So you can listen to your favorite music with ease.

Powerful and long-lasting performance

The House of Marley wireless headphones are equipped with 40mm high-definition drivers. These drivers provide crystal clear sounds and a powerful audio experience. You can even pump up the massive bass to take your audio experience to the next level. Also, these wireless headphones have premium memory foam ear cushions and headband padding. So you can wear them for longer periods comfortably.

These wireless headphones can be a great match for your vacations and early morning joggings. Put on the headphones and get on with your daily activities without worrying about its battery life. You can enjoy the seamless audio experience for 26 hours of playtime with ANC on. With ANC off, it provides 32 hours of playtime. In addition, its quick charge makes your charging time quick and effective. The House of Marley designed these wireless headphones to provide a powerful and long-lasting performance.

Control everything hands-free

Whether it is an Android phone or a Windows laptop or any other device, you can effortlessly pair these headphones with any device using Bluetooth technology. You can even say hello to your friends and family members using a hands-free calling feature. Its onboard microphone connects you with anyone on your contact list within a fraction of seconds. voice command activation lets you handle other tasks from your phone without taking out your mobile phone from your pockets.

Advanced Bluetooth technology and onboard microphone bring you everything that you want in one place. You can access and make changes just by using your voice. In addition, these wireless headphones come with remote functionality. Which lets you control volume, bass, and other functionalities like Pause/play.

Made with eco-friendly materials

The House of Marley is very conscious of the materials it uses for its products. You can find its eco-friendly design efforts in every part of the wireless headphones. They made these wireless headphones with FSC certified wood, recyclable aluminum, and durable stainless steel.

They made the headband materials with Rewind fabric, which is soft and lightweight. So you won’t feel any strain on your head even if you are wearing them for longer periods. The FSC certified wood on the headphones features the house of Marley signature style. Also, the packaging is made with 100% recyclable materials.

The delivery packaging consists of the house of Marley Positive Vibration XL ANC Bluetooth Headphones, Premium stash bag, Tangle-free braided Aux Cable, USB-C charging cable. Along with this, you get a quick start guide, warranty booklet, welcome card, and sticker.

Final Thoughts

The House of Marley Positive Vibration XL ANC wireless headphones offers a high-quality audio experience. Whether you’re listening to heart whelming melody or hardcore hip-hop songs, you will get the best of every genre you pick up. Its advanced ANC technology cuts out all the noise from your surroundings and offers a more immersive audio experience. Even at the high bass music levels, it provides crystal clear audio.