Walkie Talkies for kids to make outdoor games interesting

Whether your kids are playing hide and seek or superheroes, adding walkie-talkies to their arsenal makes their games more adventurous and fascinating. They allow you to communicate with each without any additional cost like cellular costs. Also, Walkie Talkies for kids can cover a wide area, allowing you to occupy more space and still stay in touch with each other. 

You can use these walkie-talkies for practical purposes, security officers, or just having fun. Also, your kids don’t have to be tech junkies to use them. Most of the walkie-talkies are easy to use and durable. If you are looking for durable walkie talkies for kids, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded some of the best options for you. 

Here are some of the easy to use walkie talkies for kids

1. Obuby Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys Walkie Talkie for Kids

The obuby walkie talkies are the best gift for all those 3-12-year-old kids. They can use these devices for both indoor and outdoor activities, such as outdoor games, spring outings, and summer camping. Also, you can stay connected with your friends and families, especially with outdoor activities. Without a doubt, these are the best outdoor toys for toddlers age 9-11 kids. It has a small and light body that allows kids easy to use and easy to carry devices. So your kids can comfortably carry these devices. Moreover, these are easy to use and just simple push-to-talk operations. 

2. Adventure Force Kids’ Walkie Talkies with Light-Up Power Indicator

Adventure force walkie talkies will keep you connected on all your favorite games. You can easily telecast your information even if you’re up to 500 feet away. Also, it has a simple push button to talk and inform your teammate of the enemy’s activities. Moreover, there’s even an LED power indicator light. So you’ll know you’re ready to tackle any adventure that comes your way. Moreover, these walkie talkies run on only four AAA batteries. 

Adventure Force Kids’ Walkie Talkies with Light-Up Power Indicator from walmart deals

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3. Kids Walkie Talkie Family Walky Talky 2 Pack for Hiking Camping

These walkie talkies come with a lightweight body and ergonomic design to fit easily into your kid’s hands. It weighs only 101g, which is very convenient to take along with their toys when kids are outdoors. Also, it has a nearly 3+ KM range and 22 channels. So you can stay connected and enjoy the long-distance play. Moreover, these walkie talkie sets have a clear call alert function. Offers crisp and smooth sound quality with adjustable volume levels. In addition, it comes with a built-in flashlight to make your night games more fun. 

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4. Spiderman FRS Kids Walkie Talkies 

Kids love superhero toys, so these spiderman walkie talkies can be the best gift idea for your kids. It allows you to coordinate with your friends and go on awesome adventures together. Also, it has some interesting built-in speech and sound effects. You can send and receive phrases, sound effects along with your voice. Moreover, these units light up when you are using them and have a power indicator that lights up as well. In addition, these walkies talkies are a perfect present for all those spiderman fans. 

Spiderman FRS Kids Walkie Talkies with Lights and Sounds from walmart deals

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5. Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies

Retevis walkie talkies designed for kids so they can keep in touch with friends and families at any time during a camping adventure or in a crowded supermarket. Also, it has a compact and lightweight body. Comes with an ergonomic design with rounded corners. These walkies talkies have had a more comfortable design and strong plastic design for a long time. Moreover, it has a VOX and 2.5mm headphone connection. This enables children to speak directly to their neighbors without pressing the PTT button. 

6.KIDesigns Frozen 2 Walky Talky

Frozen 2 Walkie Talkies are the perfect gift for your kids. It combines fun and playfulness in a small box. It has a set of 2 easy-to-use radios. Comes with a frozen 2 graphics and styling. Also, these are designed with a lightweight design so your kids can carry them easily. It provides a static-free and extended long-range. Moreover, it’s easy to use where kids can simply push the talk button. Also, it encourages communication, develops teamwork, and promotes exploration and discovery. 

7. Dr.meter 22 channels Walkie Talkie

Dr.meter walkie talkies come with an easy use function. It is smooth-edged and made with premium ABS plastic. These walkie talkies are best for kids and have a lightweight design. Also, it has a simple press of the PTT button and begins chatting with friends and family. Your kids can effortlessly chat over a 3km range with a clear, strong signal. Moreover, it allows you to jump between 22 channels and 121 infra acoustic channels. In addition, the hand strap on the walkie talkie allows your kids to keep it safe while camping or playing outdoors. 

8.VTech KidiGo Walkie Talkies

The VTech KidiGo walkie Talkies are the best gift for your kids to add excitement to any adventure. You can keep in touch anywhere with an awesome 500-foot range. Also, it has two-way radios and a digital connection that’s clear and keeps kids’ conversations secure. By preventing other walkie talkie users from listening in or chatting with them. Moreover, your kids can send messages back and forth by choosing from preset animated messages using the large, back-lit LCD screen. 

VTech KidiGo Walkie Talkies, Two-Way Radio for 4-9 Year Old Boys Girls from walmart deals

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9.GOCOM Walkie Talkies for Kids

GOCOM offers one of the fine quality and durable design walkie talkies for kids. These walkies talkies come with easy-to-use features. Also, it has long battery life and is automatically shut down for energy saving. Kids can simply press the PTT key to talk using a built-in microphone and stay connecting with friends and families. In addition, it has call tone, channel scan, automatic channel lock, low battery alert, and more to explore. Moreover, it has a durable and environmentally friendly material design. 

10.AGPTEK Kids Walkie Talkies

AGPTEK walkie talkies for kids who are 3-12 years old. It has LCD backlight displays that come in handy at night for complex outdoor environments because it provides high visibility. Also comes with a durable design and can handle the pressure of drop resistance. These walkie-talkies can support up to 3km in open conditions. Moreover, it comes with stable signal 22, the main channel of two-way radios. Equipped with one-to-one and one to more communication functions. In addition, you can use the scanning feature to see which channels are currently in use. 


These are some of the easy-to-use walkie talkies for kids. Your kids can enjoy their playtime covering a wide area while staying connected. Also, these walkies talkies have a durable and lightweight design.