The latest technology news is about what gadgets are coming in markets and how much popularity they are getting from customers. One of the best among them is “Earbuds” don’t you think its the basic need of everyone who lives in 21 century and if it is wireless earbuds then it should be very much interesting. So as technology reaches its peak day by day, all people want the earbuds with excellent sound quality, noise cancellation, affordable price, comfortable with ears, etc. The best wireless earbuds would become out like they can give you the full free handwork that you were in a gym, then you need not worry, feel free and do gyming just like that it’s comforting you when you are in the workspace or any other it will be beneficial.

Earbuds must be very comfortable towards your ears. The ears are a very sensitive part of our body, so before buying, we have to ensure every aspect that will not damage our ears. If a person finds all these qualities in earbuds, they have a question in their minds from the company; they will buy earbuds that are not harmful to ears.

It’s wise you can’t find all qualities in one thing, so if we think of having, we have to compare all and choose carefully according to need.

Here, companies like Samsung, Sony, etc. provide the best quality earbuds in affordable pricing, so here we go with all the detailed study of each earbud from a different organization.

Here are the best three earbuds or headphones to buy in 2020 among all you can check here all the specifications and choose according to your requirement.

1. Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Earbuds Headphones

Noise-canceling true wireless earbuds headphones. These combine serious noise-canceling tech with fist-pumping musicality. Sony manages to launch the best wireless headphones; also, it offers an affordable price with a maximum approach towards specifications with long-lasting battery life. These earbuds have many improvements, including Amazon Alexa support, visible battery level indications, and many more.

These earbuds came with a rechargeable case with very much on demand copper lid and had secure with magnets. These headphones come with has EQ changing option, which is not a common feature among all earbuds these days.

It has excellent noise cancellation ability that it can even cancel the sounds of the engine and train it is all because of dual noise sensors is present in each bud. Still, it fails in the case of long flights as their cabin noise is very much of high frequency, so our earbuds cannot cancel it. So it is better for daily travel in trains on roads and everywhere but not suitable for long flights.

2. Apple AirPods Pro

The perfect earbuds for Apple fans and for those who are searching for high-quality earphones. These earbuds come with noise cancellation and better fit in-ear to be healthy towards your ears. However, it is much expensive when we compare it with
others but has excellent quality. These are going to launch in October 2020 worldwide.

The thing we notice that it’s very lightweight, so when you plopped into ears after that, you will hard to feel that you are wearing something, but it also has a limitation that when its lost or get off from your ears, you will hardly think that it was not in your ear

As it’s stem is very short compare with other models of AirPods, so it is somewhere hard to adjust for a week, but after that, you will get used to that. It’s vocal sounds rich and has the best sound effects on every type of sound like it can be indie, pop, rock, etc. anything it suits these earbuds and you are comfortable with and recommended to buy the best thing in 2020.

These AirPods come with a rechargeable case, and long-lasting battery after full charging it can provide the beautiful listening experience.

3.Jabra Elite 75t

These earbuds come with a much smaller charging case and a very much long-lasting battery life. It has two volume buttons, one on the left to increase the volume. One on the right to decrease the volume, but this isn’t very clear for a week or two. Still, comfortable afterwords, it also has Alexa options for the Alexa users it is easy to carry due to its small size also it has customized EQ options to reduce the bass by 50% through the EQ settings will not be changed bass can reduce.

It has many limitations but still in demand because it is very useful when it comes to the calling facility these earbuds are very useful for those who are having many calls in a day.

Text Box: Battery life (on-board): 7.5 hours |
Battery life (charging case): 20 hours 
Wireless range: 33ft 

So in a nutshell technology are increasing day by day every single group of the industry is launching their best products every month but as we have chosen the products according to our need and requirement so as if we talk about the best earbuds 2020 to buy we should have a look on above-mentioned items as they are some of the other ways better among all.

We here mention quality, features, specification and also some limitations of the product so that its easy to compare with others and these earbuds mentioned above are from best groups of organizations which are always in treading because of their products so they give the guarantee of the product and also the durability of the earbuds so choose wisely.