Get muscle relief with this TaoTronics massage gun

Forget the Diclophinac and Try TaoTronics Pain Relieving Massage Gun.

A 24-Watt Powerful Massage Gun with six interchangeable massage heads – saving up to 27% no Top level is a great new product launched byTaoTronics. Over 5 million people are working from home in this Covid-1lockdown. These days work from home is in fashion, and it’s no exception for anyone amongst us. Sitting at home at the computer desk or our working table for all day long feels like our muscles are getting sore and stiff. The number one reason is that we are not changing our sitting positions and often tend to restrict any motion for prolonged periods.

So instead of taking doses of Dicplophinacor any pain-relieving spray every single day, it’s better to help ourselves with this soreness in a natural way. A help out, TaoTronics have introduced a new powerful massage gun on Amazon at just $95.

TaoTronics is a pretty large maker of electronic products on Amazon. So it’s a brand that users trust. It has got five perfect stars and over a hundred customer reviews. So let’s go ahead and dive in the specs of this Powerful Pain-Relieving Massage Gun.

The gun has a black and grey rubberized base, and it comes with a 24-Watt power supply. The attachments given by TaoTronics are –

  • Flat Surface base with a few bumps on the front.
  • Single Point Bullet-shaped base.
  • Shovel handle base with bumps.
  • U Shaped attachment.
  • The famous Foam ball.
  • Compressing Spherical Rubber base Attachment.

It also has some batteries that you can try out without plugging it in. There’s a switch on the bottom that you have to turn on and off, and then there are plus-minus and power buttons on the sides for you to control the speed and pressure. It has a nice digital display, and it is very quiet. It hits the massage area strongly. In fact, it can be felt on the other side of the arm or leg.

This is a percussion massager. It has ten adjustable speeds from 1400 to 3200 strokes per minute, which means that it may well be a great massager — just not great for percussive therapy and users can feel the sensations traveling all the way across their body. The bullet-shaped attachment is great for hitting those targeted areas that you want to reach because it’s like a pinpoint at top. The ball is also great because it’s round and its foam. It’s easy to move around and slide around your skin.

It does have nice ventilation on the top right. None around the sides where you could blow back into your face. It’s easy to grip. It’s easy to hold, and most importantly, it is very quiet. Compressing Spherical Rubber base Attachment is a game-changer as the rubber hits your skin perfectly. It’s a rubber piece with the little bumps, and the way it recesses as it hits your skin, it feels perfect. It gives you like a nice affirmative like vibration when you plug it in.

Massage Gun TaoTronics Professional Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Gun Percussion Handheld…

So, this is pretty cool for anybody that has back pain muscle tension. If you want to improve blood flow and circulation, a percussion massage like this would be a good fit, possibly. So check it out at this Taotronics 24-W Powerful Massage Gun to your shopping list. You can grab it on Amazon at just $95.

Thanks for reading. Hope you like it.