Best VR Headsets for gaming and streaming movies

Recently VR headsets are getting a lot of popularity among gamers, tech enthusiasts, and the entertainment field. There are several best VR headsets from the well-known tech giants that offer a great virtual reality experience to the wearer. As of now, these VR are widely being used in the gaming field. Along with other fields like simulators and trainers. Here we will address some of the best VR headsets for you.

Several brands like Oculus Quest and HTC Vive cosmos etc are offering Vr Headsets with on-demand features and cutting-edge technology. They take your gaming experience to the next level. With the headset and motion tracking, you can explore the virtual space as if you are actually present there. 

But if you want to get the best VR headset right now, it is difficult to choose the particular brand as the best headset. In fact, every product has its pros and cons. So the best way gets the one that fits your needs, your home, and your budget. 

To help you get the best VR headset we have rounded up some of the best VR devices. Make sure you go through the list to find out which one will be perfect for you. 

Here are some of the best VR headsets

1.Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best VR headsets that offer a lot of movement and freedom. Because it doesn’t need to be wired up to any PC. Comes with next-level hardware that makes every move count with a blazingly fast processor and our highest resolution display. Offers an incredible gaming experience you can explore new titles and old favorites in the expansive Quest content library. Also, keep in mind that Oculus Quest 2 requires your Facebook account to log in. Comes with an easy set up you can simply open the smartphone app and jump into VR. No need for any additional equipment like a PC or Console.

2.BNEXT VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android Phone

These VR headsets are compatible with smartphones and other mobile phone devices with a 4 inch-6.3 inch screen that allows you to experience virtual reality in an immersive visual 360. They are equipped with advanced VR gaming technology. So you can watch movies and play games on a whole new level. These are designed to offer great comfort and best fit with a fully adjustable head strap.

3.OIVO VR Headset Compatible with Nintendo Switch

These VR headsets are specially designed for Nintendo Switch comes with an upgraded version and lightweight design. Designed with an adjustable size that fits everyone’s head. And equipped with heat dissipation and type C ports. You can watch youtube stream movies while charging. Tksae your gaming experience to the next level with HD optimization. Its full range with the joysticks and the buttons covered fully easy to use when playing games.

4.Sony PlayStation VR

Sony Playstation VR headsets are specially designed for gamers to offer an amazing visual experience. They come with an easy setup just plug and play. Just plug these headsets and your Playstation camera into your Playstation 4 system. Also, its advanced VR display allows you to stream excellent visuals. It’s an expansive 5.7-inch OLED 1080p display that runs up to 120 frames per second. In addition to this, it will provide a great visual and gaming experience. 3D audio technology lets you identify individual sounds above, below, and all around you.

5.HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Virtual Reality System

These are some of the best VR headsets that have lighthouse tracking which has base station 1.0 that provides up to 160sq. feet of play space. Which delivers an amazing gaming experience. Its Crystal clear graphics allow you to see the virtual world through 2880×1700 pixel resolution. Equipped with all-new LCD panels that reduce the distance between pixels and minimizing the screen-door effect. You can effortlessly access both reality and virtual reality with the flip design. 

6.Atlasonix VR headset compatible with iPhone and Android

These VR headsets offer FD and OD adjustments to expand the viewing angle and perfectly match focal distance. Which allows both gaming and streaming movies in 3D with high resolutions. They offer a great comfort-fit experience with a fully adjustable head strap, eyesight protection, and a soft nose piece to reduce pressure. Comes with HD optimization and 3D gaming support for gaming, streaming movies, and more.

7.Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

These Oculus Rift S Vr headsets are best suited for gaming with improved optics. Also, it features a sharper display and next-generation lenses which deliver an awe-inspiring visual experience. Its improved optics deliver bright vivid colors and reduced screen-door effect. Comes with an ergonomic design that is quite lightweight. Keep your head in the game with its Halo headband redesigned with speed in mind. Which allows it to capture your every reaction with great speed and accuracy. In addition to this, you can arm yourself with updated Oculus touch controllers.

8.DESTEK 2021 V5 VR Headset

DESTECK phone-powered VR headsets deliver an excellent VR gaming experience. Its soft head straps allow it to rest lightly on your face, gentle top strap, side straps, and firm arms on either side strap offer an excellent fit. These VR headsets have wide compatibility for universal smartphones with 4.7-6.8 inches screen. Keep in mind that these mobile phones should have Gyroscope for 360 VR. With the advanced remote controller, these VR headsets offer great control and VR experience for their wearers.


These are some of the best VR headsets with plenty of features to provide an amazing visual and gaming experience. Some of them are compatible with both Android and iPhone. Also, some are compatible with Nintendo switch like the OIVO VR headsets. Select the one that best fits your budget and requirement. 

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