Best smart light bulbs with multiple colors that are dimmable

With modern technology advancement in home essentials, every home appliance is getting new smart features and functionalities. In that, Light bulbs are one of the most important products that every home needs. In recent years, light bulbs also evolved into smart light bulbs which makes your lighting system more energy sufficient. Some of the best smart light bulbs come with an easy setup and smart app controls.

Smart light bulbs can be easily paired with smartphones and smartwatches too. This lets you control the smart light bulbs with just a few simple steps whether you are in the house or outside the house. Also, you can control them using your voice. Best smart light bulbs can emit different lighting colors that set the mood for every occasion. And they can perfectly match your home interior design making your rooms more visually appealing.

Best smart light bulbs come in different colors, sizes, and temperatures. Due to the addition of smart features, they may cost more than traditional light bulbs. There are multiple options available for you to select from. To make your process simple and effective. We’ve rounded up some of the best light bulbs. 

Here are some of the best smart light bulbs

1.Merkury Innovations A21 Smart Color Light Bulb

These Merkury light bulbs are fully adjustable color bulbs capable of emitting millions of colors. And they are energy efficient at only 11 watts with a brightness of 1050 lumens. Which is equivalent to a 75-watt incandescent bulb. Also, they are quite easy to set up and you can easily control them with your smartphone or voice with Google Assistant. You can even schedule different colors of lights for different times of the day. It requires a 2.4 GHz WiFi network. One of the best smart light bulbs that you should add to your smart home essentials.

2.GE C by GE LED 9.5-Watt Smart Home Light Bulb

These GE C smart light bulbs allow you to create the perfect lighting for any room. They illuminate optimal soft white light that suits any environment. Also, you can set scenes, pre-set schedules, and automation. You can control them and change light bulbs from dim to bright through your smartphone or tablet. They will work with Google and don’t require any hub or bridge. Along with this, you can control these bulbs using your voice. 

3.XODO Smart WiFi A19 E26 Dimmable

These XODO LB3 light bulbs can set the perfect mood for any occasion. Its simple to set up and controllable with your smartphone or voice with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. These smart light bulbs can produce 16 million color combinations. Also, it has 8 different pre-installed scenes to choose from. You can control these bulbs by simply using the XODO smart app. Which allows you to turn it on/off whether you’re at home or away. You just need to install the XODO smart app and control multiple Xodo smart bulbs with simple commands.

4.Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance A19 Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb

Philips Hue smart light bulbs can add any color to your room that offers warm to cool white light as well as 16 million colors. You can use Bluetooth for instant light control in one room. And connect it to the Hue bridge to unlock the full set of smart lighting features. Also, you can create personalized experiences with colorful smart lights. The Bluetooth app lets you control up to 10 lights.

5.Sylvania SMART A19

Sylvania smart light bulbs are best suited for your home and office. These light bulbs have a similar shape to a traditional light bulb and the comfortable light you enjoy. And it offers so much more in energy efficiency and control. These light bulbs can easily adapt to your lifestyle and preferences. By using a compatible smart hub, you can control your lighting experience from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Along with this, you can on or off and create schedules that match your daily routine. 

6.Kasa Smart KL110 Light Bulb

Kasa Smart light bulbs have a dimming range from 1 percent to 100 percent. So you can decide the right brightness that best suits the situation. Increase the brightness in the morning and dim enough to fall asleep at night comfortably. Also, they don’t need any hub. you can connect to your home’s secure WiFi network and control it as you want. All you need is your smartphone, the Kasa Smart app, and a WiFi connection. And you can control these bulbs from anywhere. They are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant

7.AL Abovelights A19 E26 9W WiFi LED Smart Bulb

These AL Abovelights bulbs are equipped with Wi-Fi technology. And its free App smart Life allows you to control your smart lights anytime and anywhere. They are 9W 810 Lumens Smart LED bulbs with an E26 base, equivalent to a 60W traditional incandescent bulb. That is enough to light your room and save up to 80% energy. Along with this, they’re designed with over 16 million colors to choose from and emits 2700K warm white. Just switch to your desired light mode to suit your mood and adjust the brightness as you want.

8.SYLVANIA Wifi Smart Light Bulb

Take your smart home lighting experience to the next level with these Sylvania Smart WiFi LED bulbs. Schedule your light for your life with programmable routines and mood-setting features. And its Smart WiFi app makes things much more effortless. You can control these bulbs just by using your voice integration on your compatible device. It features everything that you expect from the best smart light bulbs. 

9.Gosund Led WiFi Bulb A19 Dimmable

These Ground LED WiFi bulbs to have a dimming range from 1% to 100%. You can set the brightness for different usages such as kitchen light, reading light, and bedroom lamp. And you can adjust your smart bulb to full brightness to wake your family members and dim it for them to sleep comfortably at night. This LED technology allows you to reduce consumption by up to 80% without losing brightness or quality. These are some of the best smart light bulbs that can provide approximately 20000 hours of life span. 

10.Peteme Led RGB Color Changing Bulbs

These are one of the best smart light bulbs that emit nearly 16 million colors and the brightness of every color is dimmable. You can set different light modes on smart life to match various occasions for every room. And these bulbs can save up to 80% energy and last longer. These Peteme bulbs are compatible with Alexa Echo, Google Home Assistant. By using your voice you can turn on/off and change colors, brightness. Along with this, with the app, remote controls access you can control them even if you are not at home.


These are some of the best smart light bulbs to level up your smart home lighting system. They can produce multiple colors to match every occasion in your home. Also, you dim them at your convenience. Along with that, they are energy-efficient and long-lasting.

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