Best Belgian Waffle Makers for making thicker waffles

Waffles are one of the ready-made snacks that everyone loves to cook and eat. To make fresh home-cooked waffles you need a perfect waffle maker. In waffle makers, there are different types and varieties. Belgian Waffle Makers are one of the best waffle makers that produce thicker and crisper waffles. Best Belgian waffle makers come with many useful features and are quite versatile. 

Some of the best Belgian waffle makers are equipped with non-stick grills. This allows non-stick cooking and an easy way to clean. Also, some of them are equipped with removable plates, so you can clean them effectively at the sink. Along with this, they come with some safety features like cool to the touch handle and indicating features. To indicate users when the waffle is ready or the waffle iron is on. 

With plenty of options out there, it takes some considerable time to pick the best Belgian waffle makers. To make your process easy and effective, we have rounded up some of the best Belgian waffle makers. Go through the list and select the one that best suits your requirements and budget. 

Here are some of the best Belgian Waffle Makers

1.Cuisinart Waffle Makers Double Belgian Waffle Maker – Round

These are some of the best Belgian waffle makers that come in round shape and cook two thick delicious Belgian waffles. Which are crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. Comes with extra deep 1-inch waffle pockets and a browning control knob. Also, it has nonstick coated waffle grids that are easily cleanable and makes crispy waffles. Along with this, you get an easy-to-handle rotary feature for even baking on top and bottom.

2.Oster 8″ Nonstick Belgian Waffle Maker 

These Belgian waffle makers are made with Oster’s best 8″ stainless steel. It allows you to cook waffles to your taste with adjustable temperature control. Anyone can make both fluffy or crispy waffles effortlessly. And its nonstick surface makes it simple to get the finished waffle right from the machine to your plate. These waffle makers perfectly suit any type of kitchen and are quite easy to clean. 

3.Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

These presto Belgian waffle makers are designed with the best professional-style rotating design. Which allows you to cook and bake extra thick Belgian waffles in just minutes. And it has cool-touch handles that let you comfortably flip the waffle maker 180 to evenly spread batter for waffles. Along with this, they are equipped with the extra thick ceramic nonstick grid that makes a 7-inch diameter waffle with four easy-to-cut sections. You also get a countdown timer with digital display signals whenever your baking is complete.

4.Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker, Model# 26072

The hamilton beach Belgian waffle makers are easy to use and well designed with some useful features. Its nonstick surface makes it easy to lift cooked waffles off the iron and place them on your plate. And you can clean the grids easily with a simple wipe down. Its compact, upright storage allows the waffle maker to fit easily into the cupboard or pantry. These hamilton Belgian waffle makers are best designed and offer delicious waffles at home.

5.Chefman Anti-Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker

These Belgian waffle makers from Chefman are designed with a wrap-around channel to catch any excess batter. Which prevents any batter from overflowing and leaking. You can choose from 7 different shade settings to cook delicious waffles as you want. Allows you to cook light or fluffy waffles. And its nonstick plates are easy to clean up. You don’t need to use spray either. These are some of the best Belgian waffle makers.

6.BELLA Classic Rotating Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker

These are one of the best waffle makers that provide 1-inch thick restaurant-quality Belgian waffles in the comfort of your home. They come with a high-powered 1000 watt heating system. Which allows you to make up to 4 waffles in just 10 minutes. They are quite easy to use and come with a variable browning control dial and rotating features. This allows for even and consistent browning. Along with this, you get indicator light signals when your waffles are ready. These waffle makers feature a durable stainless steel design and PFOA-free nonstick coating.

7.Secura Upgrade Automatic 360 Rotating Non-Stick

These are one of the best Belgian waffle makers that allow you to create deep-pocket Belgian waffles with 360 degrees rotating waffle makers. This 360-degree waffle maker allows for evenly cooked waffles every time. And its nonstick coating on the removable plates allows easy cleaning up. Along with this, equipped with cool-touch handles for safe and easy turning. And you get a unique locking clip design to ensure even distribution of waffle batter and it ensures less leakage.

8.BLACK+DECKER Belgian Waffle Maker

This Belgian waffle maker allows you to create classic 7.25 inch round Belgian-style waffles. And its nonstick plates are made for easy cleaning up and taking out waffles easily. Equipped with cool-touch handles that let you safely open the waffle maker while it’s hot. Along with this, its indicator shows whenever the waffle maker gets preheated and ready to cook. Its vertical storage makes it fit in any cabinet.

9.Dash DMW001AQ, Mini Waffle Makers

These Dash Belgian waffle makers are one of the best sellers on Amazon. They come with a 4-inch nonstick cooking surface which allows you to make your favorite breakfast classics. And it perfectly suits a smaller kitchen, college dorm, and any kitchen cabinet. You just need to plug it in and your delicious waffles will get ready. This waffle maker heats up in minutes. Equipped with dual nonstick surfaces to provide an even cook for consistent results and delicious golden waffles.

10.Health and Home Upgrade Automatic 360 Rotating 

These waffle makers are equipped with 360 degrees rotating waffle maker which makes 7-inch diameter Belgian waffles. So you can make waffles more crispy and tasty and made up of four easy-to-cut sections. And it comes with cool-touch handles for safe and easy turning. Along with this, its locking clip allows even distribution of waffle batter and less leakage. Also, you get a power-on and ready light indicator. It features everything that you expect from the best Belgian waffle makers.


These are some of the best Belgian waffle makers that you can add to your kitchen essentials. They allow you to make crispy and tasty waffles within minutes. Find the one that best fits your requirements and budget. Also, their compact design and lightweight structure make them fit in any cabinet easily.