Best Air Coolers to manage your room temperature

There are several things that you need to add to your household item checklist to make your house more comfortable and pleasant to live in. One of them is Air Coolers, they are quite effective than air conditioners when it comes to cooling down your room temperature and humidity. Getting one of the best Air coolers out there can save both your electricity and money compared to AC’s. Also, they are easy to use and maintain.

Nowadays there are plenty of brands available that provide the best air coolers which are eco-friendly and durable. Selecting the best air coolers for your home can be a time-consuming process. Also, there are some important things that you need to consider before getting one. You need to pay attention to its cooling pads, Power consumption, and Water tank capacity. Also, Modern air coolers come with variable speeds, fan types, Water level indicators, and remote control facilities.

To make your process of selecting the best air cooler out there we have rounded up some of the best air coolers. Most of them are equipped with all modern features and they are quite budget-friendly. Go through the list and figure out which one suits your budget and needs best.

Here are some of the best Air Coolers

1.Hessaire MC18M Portable Evaporative Cooler 

Hessaire provides well-designed and the best durable air coolers. Also, they are quite portable and come with 4 heavy-duty casters. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors you can use them in spaces upto 500 square feet. And they are very compact yet powerful, it measures 28x22x12 inches with a weight of 16 pounds. It delivers 1300 Cubic Feet per Minute of cool airflow that covers up to 500 sq ft. In addition to this, its 2-speed fan allows maximum cooling on HI and low speed. They are quite easy to use and maintain.

2.TaoTronics 3-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler

TaoTronics is one of the best sellers in making the best air coolers in the industry. It is equipped with a removable water tank, back filter, and cooling so you don’t need to dismantle the entire machine like other traditional machines. This is an impressive air cooler that has a 43-inch tower fan and 3 speed and running settings. Also, it works as a humidifier with 800ml/h moisture output and a swamp cooler. Circulates the whole room and cools down your space quickly. Comes with a 7L/1.85 Gallon water tank which provides a longer usage time.

3.AGILLY 43” 2-in-1 Cooling Tower Fan & Evaporative Cooler

Agilly portable air coolers and conditioner are some of the best products ou there. They come with 4 pre-programmed modes, Normal, nature, sleep, and cold. Along with that, you get 3 wind speeds low, medium, and high. The Nature modes mimic the comfort of a cool lake breeze and blow the powerful wind. You get a total of 12 combinations of airflow to cool your summer. It features an oscillating fan with automatic 70-degree oscillation to distribute air evenly across 200 sq ft of room. Its built-in convenient deep handle keeps the air cooler portable so you can move around your house without putting in much effort. All this makes it worthy to add to your best air cooler list.

4.COMFYHOME 3-IN-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Evaporative Air Cooler

This Comfyhome 3-in-1 air cooler can quickly cool down the room with its high-efficiency motor. Comes with a whole range of options like high-med-low fan and sleep/normal/cool modes. Best suits for small and medium spaces like a living room, bedroom, and kitchen. It comes with a 0.42 sq. ft large louvers. Which you can adjust for a better cooling effect no matter where you are. You can use the remote to point the built-in fins right at you to enjoy the cooling or you can make it rotate up to 65 degrees. Produces 455 CFM which covers the 170 sq. ft room effortlessly.

5.LifePlus Evaporative Air Cooler

LifePlus evaporative air coolers comes with a 3-in-1 multi-function fan. An interesting aspect of this air cooler fan is that it combines an ordinary tower fan, an evaporative cooler, and a humidifier in one. practical suits for different temperatures bring a cooling effect while maintaining humidity. The bottom of this air cooler is equipped with wheels which makes it quite convenient and portable. The remote control and clear LED display design enable you to easily control it while sitting on the sofa.

6.HAUEA Personal Air Cooler

This newly upgraded machine comes with a ring-shaped fog-outlet design. Which is more uniform than a single hole and has a faster cooling air effect. Also, it reduces the clogging of the atomizer. This air cooler is equipped with a powerful and quiet motor that reduces noise to 25 dB. It works quietly so you can sleep comfortably at room temperature. Also works as a humidifier, humidifier function uses ultrasonic atomization technology to atomize water to humidify the air and moisturize the skin. One of the best air coolers with plenty of features and various speed options.

7.Honeywell CO48PM Evaporative Air Cooler

This air cooler is designed to provide extra cooling to large spaces with minimal effort. Best suits for both indoor and outdoor. Designed with a top-loading ice compartment with a continuous water hose connection and triple-sided Honeywell Honeycomb cooling pads. Which provides enough evaporative cooling for you all day long. Equipped with a long electrical cord so you can plug and roll the unit to anywhere that you want. 

8.Evapolar evaCHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler

This is one of the best 3-in-1 air coolers that handles cooling, humidifies, and cleans dust particles from the air. So you don’t need to invest in several devices like an air conditioner and humidifier. With its compact design, you can take it anywhere, easy and comfortable to carry around. Comes with a leakage-proof system and intuitive design. Along with that its control pad is quite easy to understand. Equipped with a large start tank which provides working time up to 9 hours.

9.COSTWAY Evaporative Cooler, 3-in-1 Portable Air Cooler

Costway Evaporative cooler is a versatile machine that can be used as a fan, humidifier, and air cooler. It is equipped with a very quiet and powerful fan, it has a silent setting to let sleeping babies lie. Also, it has an extra-large water tank and cooling pad that allow you to use evaporative cooling to chill your room. Overall its flexible cooling system provides an excellent cooling effect with minimal energy consumption. This air cooler features some of the best features like easy touch control 3 speed cooler fan and has a sleek and compact design.

10.NTMY Portable Mini Evaporative Air Cooler with 7 Colors LED

This is one of the best air coolers out there which comes with adjustable wind speeds and automatic timing. So you can adjust its speed as per your requirement and manual up-down to adjust blowing direction within 60 degrees to meet your different needs. Also with its three automatic timings, you can choose the most suitable one to enjoy your sleeping and working time. In addition to this, you get 7 color lights which makes it more visually appealing. 


These are some of the best Air Coolers that you should consider for adding to your household essentials. They are budget-friendly and also offer plenty of features. Some of them are capable of cooling and working as a humidifier.