Expired1byone 6-501NA-001 HD Digital Amplified TV Antenna

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  • 100% free HD channels: Seize the opportunity and say goodbye to huge cable bills with our newest 2019 HDTV antenna. This best quality model can receive free full HD channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and so much more. Receive your favorite channels without a monthly bill!
  • Frequency enhanced edition: thanks to the upgraded amplifier with advanced technology, our Smart indoor TV antenna picks up signals within long distance. The antenna’s new filter technology also automatically filters out cellular and FM signals, ensuring a clearer picture with reliable performance.
  • Long range & ensure smooth media transmission: 1byone indoor HDTV antenna can pick up signals within long range and can be placed almost anywhere in your home. Try placing your antenna in multiple locations and testing The signal before you make a final installation decision. Antennas work best when hung from a window or wall.
  • High quality long coaxial cable & powerful amplifier: for customers whose Televisions are quite far away from Windows, a long coaxial cable ensures easy placement and an advanced amplifier boosts signal reception for the best possible TV picture.
1byone 6-501NA-001 HD Digital Amplified TV Antenna
1byone 6-501NA-001 HD Digital Amplified TV Antenna
$10.99 $22.45

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